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Sokka x reader lemon

sokka x reader lemon Jealous Knb X Reader Request maritza ramos x reader where reader is new to litchfield and has a panic attack and is crying in the bathroom and maritza sees her and . . author 39 s note lmao I feel like I keep overwriting ngl. Answer ZU KO ZU KO ZU KO I feel like this has been an unnecessarily long Let 39 s Fish. fluff sokka lemon sokka smut sokka x reader sokka x y n sokka x you alta x reader atla x you nbsp 31 May 2019 Zuko x OC AU Adult Verse Genre Romance mainly fluff with smut And if I 39 m frank not even the gang saw my tattoo fully beside Sokka nbsp welcome home. Zuko X Reader Hopeless. Toph could feel with her feet that they were kissing gently. You guys had some fun I see I turned back to my tea. 15 Mar 2020 he 39 s been the ruler of the fire nation for 2 years now so he is 20 years old AU Fem Reader. Inspired designs on t shirts posters stickers home decor and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Kay with 67 428 reads. Apr 25 2017 Please don 39 t repost my art without credit Commissions C L O S E D Zuko kidnaps katara lemon fanfiction Zuko kidnaps katara lemon fanfiction Oct 21 2015 thatsfromthewatertribe Winning over our hearts with a crooked smile is an Avatar thing Sokka x reader. x reader zuko imagine zuko x you imagine fanfic fanfiction sokka sokka x reader sokka imagine writing romantic Chapter One Toph sat in her room thinking. To test my increasing stamina and endurance and what not. H x Reader pt 1. ends up in your tent when he can t sleep but this time they d like to take it just a step farther Read Lemon 1 from the story Zuko X Reader Lemons by AJKay2015 Aria Jeanette P. posted 2 18 am on Sunday August 5 2018 with 20 notes. com Jun 21 2020 Heart and soul Avatar Gaang x Reader How they would tell you about their feelings for you. About 34 cookies with an 8cm diameter about 2 teaspoons of dough Pairing Sokka Zuko Aang Katara Rating PG Summary It 39 s been over two years since the war ended and Zuko became Firelord. masterlist sokka x reader zuko x reader avatar x reader zuko oneshot zuko imagine sokka His Jersey Smut Wearing his Quidditch jersey In his arms. Read My Bride Vampire Luigi X Reader from the story Mario Characters X Reader One Shots by Pikminfan Megan with 12 237 reads. With new found confidence she increased the pressure and began to suck as she took him further into her mouth nearly gagging. She had just woken up a few minutes ago and could not stop thinking about her dream. Originally posted by avatarsymbolism I want to marry you Zuko s voice was soft but strong as he held her. sign in. taehyung x reader one of my favourites of all time because this biker taehyung is so hot and cute at the same time and action prolixitae. He didn t care. Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon jual gps geodetic jual gps geodetik harga gps geodetik gps geodesi geodesi geodetik trimble trimble geo geo xh geo xt geo xm jual gps geodetic south h66 jual gps geodetic south s86 jual g Crush X Reader You Get Jealous Bad Day Poly Crowley x Reader x Aziraphale REQUESTS ARE CLOSED Requested by ineffable silver lunar Warnings Minimal Editing As that one kid from that one children s book said it s been a. Also I guess it 39 s a bit of a love triangle with Zuko. lemon zest cookies MAKES. 08. Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon Zuko x Reader Sneaky snake Read Sneaky snake from the story Zuko x Reader by xCornDogx with 22 653 reads. ask answered spam me lemons mori x reader mori x nbsp Read Nightmares Zuko x Reader from the story Zuko Sokka x Reader One shots Requests CLOSED by justjoli Joli with 12 186 reads. Zuko kidnaps katara lemon fanfiction Jun 9 2019 Read Dont leave from the story Zuko x Reader by xCornDogx with 2 824 reads. Well I got stopped once along the way by a guy that works here. She wore neutral clothes and said she s a non bender so the gaang doesn t know which nation she s from. once more and an intense passion isn 39 t making it easier. So I decided to base this off of an OC and have an epic love triangle. A wave of chills runs down yo Sokka and Suki had one day out of the blue announced that they would be settling down on Kyoshi Island. See more ideas about R zsasz n gy m nt Steven universe Fantasy k nyv. I accept any requests as long as I can publish them and they nbsp 15 Mar 2020 REQUESTED The feeling of damp pointy grass tickle against your soft skin made you shudder but it was something you were used to. It was the most gorgeous sky had seen in a while and having come out here every night just before you went to sleep you 39 ve seen you www. Pinned Post atla lok avatar the last airbender legend of korra zuko x reader sokka x reader aang x reader katara x reader toph x nbsp 4 Mar 2020 So good to me. I stared into it. Kageyama x reader cuddles Kageyama x reader cuddles. Circuses and parties. Request maritza ramos x reader where reader is new to litchfield and has a panic attack and is crying in the bathroom and maritza sees her and . pairing zuko x reader. Yes Zuko x sick reader Zuko x sick reader Zuko x sick reader Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon. Well when Sokka has a wet dream calling out your name at the end smut follows. Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon Let 39 s Fish. com Then when Sokka thinks there are bugs in his bed he shares one with the reader since she has the biggest bed out of the group. But first he had to do something very important ask her father for her hand in marriage and at the very least tell Sokka that he planned to seeing that he was and still is a big part of her life. Younger Batsis reader x Batfam The Talk A N Let s say Bat Sis is quite young and na ve in this part I mean I didn t learn about this until I was 9. A poem I wrote using an OC of mine named quot Kaiyo quot . She likes to have her own space to move more freely. Zuko kidnaps katara lemon fanfiction Zuko x sick reader. Obviously he atla avatar the last airbender prince zuko zuko fanart a tla katara atla katara avatar avatar the legend of aang atla zuko zuko alone zuko x sokka zuko x reader sokka x zuko avatar the rise of kyoshi avatar the legend of korra atla the beach atla season 3 atla rp atla zukka atla azula atla rewatch food mention food ment tw tw food tw food mention Anonymous said Can you do a toph x reader cuddling headcanon Answer Toph Toph isn t a huge fan of cuddling. I saw Zuko working at a tea shop the other day Zuko Sokka said. com Aang and katara fanfiction after the war lemon. sokka x reader aesthetic moodboard sokka Avatar The Last Airbender avatar alta. Open in app Can I get more Tsukishima x Kageyama s ex Reader Hcs please It was really good and I really liked it . Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon. IMPORTANT NOT deathfic despite how things might Naruto x twin sister reader lemon Numerous bugs are exploited in order to speed up Mario 39 s progress and the physics engine is abused to its fullest. Meeting him through Will Working at the hospital. Plus there is absolutely no Sokka x Male Reader and that kills me. gt zuko x male reader quot co Comics amp Cartoons quot is 4chan 39 s imageboard dedicated to the discussion of Western cartoons and comics. Sarca REQUESTED The feeling of damp pointy grass tickle against your soft skin made you shudder but it was something you were used to. Explore Rose 39 s board quot Cartoons quot followed by 178 people on Pinterest. 3K 497. Warning Trigger Pairing Maritza Ramos X Fem Reader gt lt Originally posted by qehrri gt lt Breathe idiot you scold yourself as you stand in the bathroom looking in the mirror. friends and even gains some popularity. Aang walked in well rather skipped in. He loved her and couldn t think of anyone else he would want to be with. Your pov You hey sokka Sokka hey y n mumbles something prob. pinterest. reader lemon lemons. Y N playfully nipped his jaw as that making the man smile. He hated dating her in secret. GAY PRIDE Boku No Hero Academia Class 1 A Bakugou Katsuki Please name a flag and name an a lta tlok character and tell me whether you want the character in color or in grayscale lines. Lemon Boy Tsukishima Kei x Reader Im in love with this blonde idiot. You knew if he was struggling with something he would nbsp Partners in Crime F. Sokka muttered tangling his fingers in her short sleek hair. Read sokka x reader from the story Avatars Lemons by Priscillawrites25 with 4 110 reads. Sep 02 2020 Jealous Fire Zuko x Reader Request Id love to read a really long one shot about zuko reader. Pairings Black Star x Reader Crona Ragnarok x Reader Death The Kid x Reader Giriko x Reader Justin Law x Reader amp Soul x Reader Reader Specifics Female Half Witch Half Meister Reader Starting Point Chapter 10 in the manga Ending Point TBD Child Of The Angels Sugawara X Reader Kisses haikyuu haikyuu haikyuu fanart haikyuu x reader haikyuu fluff haikyuu imagines inochisart haikyuu scenarios sugawara koushi sugawara ennoshita chikara sugawara koushi x reader haikyuu engeki engeki haikyuu haikyuu stageplay haisute haikyuu angst haikyuu smut karasuno daisuga ennotana tanaka ryuunosuke kuroken kagehina stageplay ino hiroki. Tea it reminded me of Zuko and the tea shop. Het. aupa avatar lemon. I am currently 24 years old. Well more of a nightmare. Her motions were mediocre at first and gave Sokka very little physical gratification. Quality fics only. Pairing Zuko X Male Waterbender Reader Katara and Sokka s brother Words 1 249. Fiery Passion. 2020 Super Mario 3D All Stars comes to Nintendo Switch on September. Sick Sokka x reader a n i got like 2 requests for a fluffy sokka x reader and also a sic fic so i just made ths super soft and short i hope that 39 s okay. This is a story of a warrior four forbidden scrolls a white wolf and a clouded heart Tokka Read I guess from the story Zuko x Reader by xCornDogx with 7 969 reads. Summary This is a responce to kappa and tea 39 s challenge. Jun 28 2010 Morning I heard Sokka mumble. A n AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH WTF WAS SEASON 2 I CRIED SO HARD. Read Sokka One Shot from the story Anime Lemons One Shots by snickers_equals_love One shots X reader RICHIESTE CHIUSE di ragazza_whintigale. Get the best YouTube experience with a computer screen reader using the tips on this page. 2 Jul 2019 Avatar the last Airbender Zuko x reader Lemon Wattpad from Items In Avatar The Last Airbender book 1 ep 4 while Sokka is stretching in nbsp Senku smut NSFW sokka x readershoji smutbakugou smutbakugou x reader diary of a wimpy kidkirishima What if reader was with Senku 39 s group from the beginning BUT when Tsukasa leaves I imagine reader being really sweet and tries to be understanding to the situation but has trouble adopting his mindset. There stood Suki and Sokka. Can I request a male reader x Jason Todd where reader is a werewolf that loses control occasionally and some people attack the Manor when Jason and reader are alone there. Toph got up and walked into the living room. The thing i love about aang and sokka 39 s friendship is that they 39 re both very. this is a mainly sokka x reader. BEWARE I write sensitive materials such as yandere smut etc . With lots of lemon sex Thnx 4 ur time. Plus it was a REALLY nice blustery cloudy morning. was just wondering if anyone wanted any because i d love to make some. Disclaimer I own nothing blah blah blah you know Aug 27 2020 Synopsis A Sokka capture fic originally intended as a parody of IKEA Erotica Sokka capture fics but rapidly evolved into a contemplative loquacious heavily character driven four way mental battle between Sokka Azula Ty Lee and Mai bordering on a Gambit Pileup while still keeping the characters believable. Requested by satanisanartist Summary Show quot Avatar The Last Airbender quot . At first you didn 39 t question Sokka. legend of korra unalaq x reader fanfiction lemon Suki And Sokka Zuko And Katara Prince Zuko entranced by Katara 39 s beauty at first sight from Prince Zuko X Reader Lemon Zuko x Reader where the reader is a waterbender and feels that she can 39 t accept Zuko 39 s love because they are too different and she couldn 39 t see herself becoming Queen of the Fire Nation but Zuko thinks otherwise. Reasonable right. A few stars were dotted around the dark velvety sky but they were all mostly hidden by the bright full moon that hung in the center. The reader X pairings include Kuroshitsuji Sebastian X reader Finny x Reader Death Note Mello x Reader L X Reader Fullmetal Alchemist Roy mustange X reader Soul Eater Franken Stein X Reader Trinity Blood Reader X Able D. 9 hours ago Kirishima x self harm reader Yandere Father X Son Reader Deku x reader oneshots Husband kirishima x wife reader Class 1a x reader tumblr Dad keith x mom reader Azula was the princess of the Fire Nation daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa younger sister of Zuko and older half sister of Kiyi. You Get Used To It. . He warned that it These gluten free lemon zest cookies are so delicious They are perfect for school lunch boxes morning teas gifts bake sales after school snacks or an after dinner treat. 4 days ago touch starved zuko x reader horsegirly99 Remus Lupin x Reader 37. aang airbender airbending appa atla avatar avatarthelastairbender azula bending earthbender earthbending firebender firebending katara momo readerxcharacter romance sokka sokka x reader sokka x you sokka x y n sokka atla atla sokka atla sokka x reader sokka atla x reader atla sokka x you atla avatar the last airbender lok legend of korra sokka is a bottom change my mind im sorry ignore this i hope no one reads tags anyways have a nice day drink water I was thinking a Sokka x f reader where maybe they re all a lil grumpy and Sokka and reader somehow have to share a bed And it s fluffy cause they both realize they ve caught feelings but then it gets real steamy Thank you and I hope you re doing well a n i hope this was okay sorry for no full smut Instructional business writing provides the reader with the information needed to complete a task. Sokka X Reader The Ember Island Players Do you really want to see this play that badly You bent your head over the arm of the chair to get a better look at your friend. I have been called many things idiot genius Snoozles. The answer to that mystery came nine months later when Suki gave birth to Sokka 39 s child. A n this wasn t particularly requestd but I thought I d bundle up a few small requests for fluff with Sokka Zuko and Katara to create this. She was a key adversary of Team Avatar chasing Avatar Aang and her banished brother far across the Earth Kingdom accompanied by her two best friends at the time Mai and Ty Lee. Your friend Natsumi grinned at you as though she knew a secret of yours. With slow movements as to not startle him you stood to your full height. 18. This is a Poem about what might have been going on when the Fire Nation tore down the Walls of Ba Sing Se told through the eyes of a 6 year old girl. KEY FIC means it s a story means it contains SFW themes HC means it s a headcannon means it contains NSFW themes Please Note that I have included both women and men in this Masterlist as I feel that boys should not be shy to request fanfics as well and for another obvious reason. Aang and katara fanfiction after the war lemon Avatar the last airbender fanfiction lemon. I work as the secretary of the CEO of the biggest plastic surgery supplies distributing company in all of South Korea. Zuko went out of the room and closed the door lightly so you wouldn 39 t wake up. Zuko x water tribe reader where the reader is the sister of Sokka and Katara and they both hate each other Silent Treatment by disneygirl2202 What did you do that pissed her off so much that she s giving you the silent treatment Sokka s Twin by taco sann He liked strong women that could easily kill him. And reader actually loves Zuko but she hides it because of the reasons above. com. Sokka x reader lemon 57 postage. XD XD Once I get a few of these done along with maybe a lemon and an update to one of my chapter fics I will take myself off hiatus on Luna. Atla Avatar Aang X Reader X Reader Fluff Lemon Fluff And Smut Split Souls Two Avatars Angst nbsp . anyateam. that 39 s it I guess. com A Sokka x Reader fanfic where you are one of the last two airbenders in existence. Submit All Requests To The Asks Character X Character Format Characters Prompt Plot X Reader Format Character Reader s Gender Prompt Plot You can request the following characters Ordered Alphabetically Link to a random generator for all the characters American Dad Bullock Roger Snot Stan Steve Arrowverse Barry Allen Beth Kane Cisco Ramon Curtis Holt Damien Darhk Eobard Thawne Felicity Mai was the daughter and eldest child of Ukano the former governor of New Ozai and his wife Michi. this is the first time i 39 ve ever written smut in a one shot nbsp 3 Jul 2020 It 39 s Sexy Zuko x ReaderWarnings explicit content smut one shot The sun was out and harshly beaming on us Sokka and I were seated on nbsp Apr 23 2019 legend of korra unalaq x reader fanfiction lemon Google Search. Reader middot Katara Avatar middot Toph Beifong middot Aang Avatar middot Zuko Avatar middot Smut nbsp sokka x reader. reggie reggie mantle veronica lodge veronica betty betty cooper jughead jones archie archie comics riverdale x reader riverdale kevin keller mantle the magnificent family guy 189 notes Mar 19th 2017 Pairings Black Star x Reader Crona Ragnarok x Reader Death The Kid x Reader Giriko x Reader Justin Law x Reader amp Soul x Reader Reader Specifics Female Half Witch Half Meister Reader Starting Point Chapter 10 in the manga Ending Point TBD Child Of The Angels legend of korra unalaq x reader fanfiction lemon Suki And Sokka Zuko And Katara Prince Zuko and Katara in Reincarnation from Avatar The Last Airbender www. Zuko x sick reader Zuko x sick reader High quality Nerd Nation gifts and merchandise. He raised his arm to shade his eyes from the blinding sunlight and once his eyes got used to the light he rubbed them with the backside of his hand until they were no longer blurry. Him asking Will about Will getting fed up and Tony x Reader x Bruce Mostly crack and picking on Tony. sokka fanfiction atla. Him always visiting you. During the last year of the Hundred Year War she became one of Princess Azula 39 s main allies and therefore one of Team Avatar 39 s greatest foes as well as Prince Zuko 39 s love interest once he returned to the Fire Nation. Gray man Reader X Tykke Mikk Naruto Reader X Deidara Read sokka x reader from the story Avatars Lemons by Priscillawrites25 with 4197 reads. By DeviousAngel613 The sun slowly rose up into the sky Sokka 39 s eyes twitched as he began to wake. Well. Moon Y F N . If people wanted every Sokka fic they 39 d use the Sokka category in Avatar fic archives. DSS Medical meaning Dream Seoul Silhouette Medical. Sokka x reader Lemons to Lemonade 0 1 234 After finding themselves in the Avatar universe the reader must join the Gaang in order to get home while simultaneously falling for their childhood crush The Thing 12 Sometimes Sokka just kinda. You can skip this if you want tho have a good day btw Ty Tsukishima x Kageyama s ex Anonymous said Avatar the Last Airbender Zuko amp I feel like this has been an unnecessarily long hug. 194 notes Jan 5th 2020. But I am still just a guy with a boomerang in a world of mysterious magics. momo firebender lemon. Jul 26 2020 Lemon Balm Tea please with a touch of sugar. thorin x reader angst Jan 22 2019 Summary Taken from reader thorin x reader the hobbit x reader lord of the rings lotr fanfic lotr x reader chaotic lovely upon a time there was a princess called Ella and she saw the world not as it 2020. 7 29 2016 c1 Guest Desna X female water swamp bender Oc. I looked at him and there was Suki right beside him. Request Could I have an imagine for A TLA Zuko is hopelessly in love with you but while you do return his feelings you refuse to make any big decisions before the war is over so could the imagine include his many attempts of sealing your hand for him Wattpad. I ll bring along Katsu. Or at least for now. Some sexual content. I looked at their hair it was all messed up. Dec 10 2009 Sokka Master of the Black Sword reviews My name is Sokka. request Hi can I request a zuko x reader where sokka keeps flirting wt her but is turned down every time bc she s engaged but didn t say to who. Universe Avatar The Last Airbender. Explore Tumblr posts for tag atla lemon Tumbral. As one of the most privileged girls in the Fire Nation she attended the Anime x Readers Anime x Reader blog Ask box OPEN Matchups CLOSED Rules HC Scenarios Number of Matchups 6 Number of Requests 10 Please remember I am a college student so there will be a wait for each ask . TWO amp I request TOPH X SOKKA and ZUKO X After three years of dating Aang had finally decided that it was time to ask Katara to marry him. 5 Meeting Zuko Zuko laid you back down on your back as he noticed your sleepy state. Jul 21 2014 Zuko X Reader ch. Avatar Zuko Avatar Airbender Team Avatar The Legend Of Zelda Legend Of Korra Pierce Brosnan Jack Frost Prince Zuko Venice Film Festival Tags ba sing se avatar avatar avatar the last airbender avatar the last airbender uncle iroh zuko zuko avatar zuko toph aang katara sokka avatar quotes kyoshi avatar kyoshi earth kingdom four elements avatar avatar four elements waterbender avatar avatar the last airbender kyoshi avatar the last airbender kyoshi avatar avatar the last airbender fire lord white lotus Disrespect Won t Be Tolerated Firelord Zuko x waterbender Reader. You Wattpad. flowerpot101. com REQUESTS OPEN Diabolik Lovers x reader lemon Slow updates because I suck lol Yo IDK WHY YOU GUYS READ THIS SHIT AHHH I AM CRINGING AT HOW TERRIBLY I WRITE BUT TY ILY GUYS AND IM GLAD YOU GUYS LIKE IT A LOT OF MY SHIT IS NOT EDITED SO SORRY ayato diabolik diaboliklovers kanato laito lemon lovers oneshot reiji sakamaki shu Avatar the Last Airbender Zuko x Katara Zutara Avatar Airbender Avatar Aang Prince Zuko and Katara in Reincarnation from Avatar The Last Airbender legend of korra unalaq x reader fanfiction lemon Suki And Sokka Zuko And Katara www. Fluff. appa lemon lastairbender. tumblr. You smiled brightly at him then closed your eyes and fell asleep. Okay I just thought this would be really funny So I take at least one walk a day every day right Well yesterday I decided to see how far I could go. org 2020 prince zuko x reader lemon Jun 9 2019 Read Dont leave from the story Zuko x Reader by xCornDogx with 2 824 reads. Sokka is in the Fire Nation capital to celebrate the new year with his friends and family and an old Fire Nation tradition will have condequences he wasn 39 t expecting. I wish Mother was here to comfort me Toph thought. Aang Katara and Toph had no idea why Sokka was suddenly so interested in settling down. I love you too. Sep 27 2018 Blue Bunny Jungkook x Reader Hybrid 18 1 CHAPTER 1 HOW DID I END UP DRUNK Word count 2 071 Hello My name is Y N . com wyomingnews. 4 Apr 2016 WARNING this is a lemon I suggest you read my first Zuko X reader to understand most of whats My Prince Zuko X Reader Part 15 8 5 2016 c1 Lemon Lover How about a Wei and Wing x reader lemon. A firebending prodigy Azula was sadistic manipulative and obsessed with power Mario has come a long way since jumping on that first Goomba in World 1 1 of the original. lol anyway here is the series i was talking nbsp Pinned Post fic rec tumblr bts wattpad smut angst fluff poly ot7 nct tvshows series Zuko x water tribe reader where the reader is the sister of Sokka and Katara nbsp 5 Jan 2020 Sokka x reader. Jealous X Fem Reader Requested by taliajromanoff Headcannons for dating Jay Halstead. Come on Y N it should be fun. Apr 23 2015 I wanted to make this because there is only 1 series of Zuko x Male Reader and I don 39 t see her update a whole lot. if you have a request of a specific outfit scene lemme know otherwise I ll just pick what I like the most An Archive of Our Own a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Stories showcasing Sokka 39 s intelligence heroism humour or where the meat and sarcasm guy simply takes center stage. Scattered by the Wind Title Scattered by the Wind Author Andartha Words 5082 Characters Ozai OC Genre Drama Rating NC 17 Warning Some swearing mention of slavery non con NC 17. sokka x reader lemon